4. Tigase Advanced Clustering Strategy (ACS) Release Notes

Welcome to Tigase Advanced Clustering Strategy (ACS)! This is a feature release for with a number of fixes and updates.

4.1. Tigase Advanced Clustering Strategy (ACS) 3.2.0 Release Notes

4.1.1. Major Changes

  • Deprecate Deprecate PartitionedStrategy in ACS-PubSub

4.1.2. All Changes

  • #acs-8: Fix NotAuthorizedException: Session has not been yet authorised. in OnlineUsersCachingStrategy

  • #acsmix-1: Implement clustering support for MIX

  • #acsmix-3: Fix NPE in DefaultPubSubLogic

  • #acsmix-4: Fix NPE in DefaultPubSubLogic.subscribersOfNotifications()

  • #acsmuc-23: Fix NPE in ClusteredRoomStrategyV2

  • #acsmuc-25: Fix NPE in OccupantChangedPresenceCmd

  • #acspubsub-20: Fix NPE in pubsub-nodes-changed-cmd

  • #acspubsub-21: Fix Multiple notifications for single publication

  • #acspubsub-22: Fix Presences informations are kept indefinitely

  • #acspubsub-24: Fix caps-changed-cmd not processed correctly

  • #acspubsub-25: Deprecate PartitionedStrategy

  • #acspubsub-27: Review and improve clustering documentation