Chapter 5. Configuration

Table of Contents

Custom Database
XEP-0136 Support
Support for MAM
Setting default value of archiving level for message on a server
Setting required value of archiving level for messages on a server
Enabling support for tags
Saving Options
Configuration of automatic archiving of MUC messages
Purging Information from Message Archive
Configuration of number of days in VHost
Using separate store for archived messages
Setting Pool Sizes
Message Tagging Support
Activating Tagging

To enable Tigase Message Archiving Component you need to add following block to etc/config.tdsl file:

message-archive () {

It will enable component and configure it under name message-archive. By default it will also use database configured as default data source to store data.

Custom Database

You can specify a custom database to be used for message archiving. To do this, define the archive-repo-uri property.

'message-archive' () {
    'archive-repo-uri' = 'jdbc:mysql://localhost/messagearchivedb?user=test&password=test'

Here, messagearchivedb hosted on localhost is used.