Automatic Activation of MUC messages

Enabling this feature allows MUC messages to be stored in the Message Archive repository and are added in the same way as for any other message. For this setting consider the MUC room JID, this will be the "user" that the messages will be archived with. This is the same JID used for retrevial as well as sending to storage. Archived MUC messages will be in the same format as normal archival messages with one exception, each message will have a <name> attribute attached which will be the room nick for the user that sent the message. This feature is disabled by default.

NOTE: It is worth to mention that even if more than on user resources joins the same room and each resource will receive the same messages, then only a single message will be stored in Message Archiving repository. It is also important to note that MUC messages are archived to user messages archive only when user is joined to MUC room. For example, if message was sent to room but it was not sent to particular user, it will not be archived.