Allows you to list server components and their configurations, as well as manage server components and plugins.

List server/component configuration section covers all the component options including the basic-conf and will allow you to change each setting by changing the values in the field and clicking submit. All settings are listed by the component name in the dropdown menu either as default, or as defined by --component-name property.


Manage active server components allows you to do exactly that, but you can also add and disable components from this interface.


Here you can List, Add, Edit, and Remove components. - List provides a list of all running components, each with its name, info, and class. - Add provides an interface to add a class and a name for components. You will not be able to add invalid component names or classes. - Edit enables you to edit the specific properties of any running component. Even options for which there are no current values will be listed, you can consider this list a comprehensive list of settings and options for the current component. - Remove provides a way to remove running components.

Managing server plugins allows you to turn on or off plugins from this window VIA check-boxes. Note that the changes are made in real-time.