First of all: plugins:

Even though the whole functionality is implemented inside the component you need a way to forward messages with AMP payload to that component. This is what the 'amp' plugin does. The 'amp' plugin intercepts all <message/> packets even without AMP payload, redirecting some of the to the AMP component and others processing in a standard way. Therefore you no longer need 'message' plugin or 'msgoffline' plugin. Those are all functions are offered by the 'amp' plugin now. Hence you have to switch 'message' and 'msgoffline' plugins off (the 'amp' plugin is loaded by default):


The 'amp' plugin needs to know where to forward all the AMP packets. By default plugin uses hostname of the given machine as this is true to the most installations. However, this is configured by the last line of the example configuration, which forwards all packets to the address 'amp@your-domain.tld':