More TCP/IP Ports

You can make Tigase listen on more than one TCP/IP port for incoming external component connections. Please be aware that there is no way, currently to bind an external component to a particular port. If Tigase listens on two or more ports it accepts any external component on any of the ports. Therefore there is no practical reason for opening more than one port.

However, if for some reason you need Tigase to listen on more ports then this is an example configuration:

--comp-name-1 = ext
--comp-class-1 = tigase.server.ext.ComponentProtocol
--external =, \, \

Please note, the --external property with value should be written in a single line. The above example has split the line for readability.

These settings set three TCP/IP ports to listen on: 5270, 5271 and 5272. They also specify 3 different external domains with passwords which are accepted by Tigase. Even though each port is specified with conjunction with a domain they are not bound together in any way. Any of specified domains can connect through any of specified ports.