The more difficult but more powerful - tigase.xml file (only applicable to versions before 5.0.0)

If you want to modify debugging settings without regenerating the whole XML config file, you can modify it yourself by manually adding debug entries. This must be done very carefully or you could break the XML file and configuration won’t work.

Open the XML config file with a good text editor (or XML editor) and find the line:

<node name="logging">

Below is a list of all logging settings.

<entry value="INFO" type="String" key=".level"/>

Which says: INFO debug level for all the code which gives you very little debugging information. For example your line --debug=server adds one extra line in there:

<entry value="ALL" type="String" key="tigase.server.level"/>

You can add a similar line changing only "key" attribute. If you need to switch logging on for a specific class - tigase.xmpp.XMPPIOService for example, add:

<entry value="ALL" type="String" key="tigase.xmpp.XMPPIOService.level"/>

You can also put there your own package or class name. After you changed the config file you will have to restart the server.

Note, don’t overdose the debugging or your logs will be loaded with useless information.