Using Tigase - Applies to All Tigase Server Versions

Table of Contents

Tigase Log Guide
Log File Location
Debuging Tigase
The easy way - file
The more difficult but more powerful - tigase.xml file (only applicable to versions before 5.0.0)
Basic System Checks
Add and Manage Domains
Adding a New Domain
Adding a New User
SSL Certificate Management
Presence Forwarding
Register Your Own XMPP Domain
Tigase and PyMSN-t Transport
PyMSN-t - /etc/jabber/pymsn-t.xml file
PyMSN-t - run command
PyMSN-t - expected output
Tigase - etc/tigase.conf file
Tigase - run command
Tigase - expected output
Two or More SessionManagers
Watchdog Configuration
Tips and Tricks
Tigase Tip: Checking the Runtime Environment
Command Line Admin Tools
Configuration Management Tool
Scripting support in Tigase
Scripting Introduction - Hello World!
Tigase Scripting Version 4.4.x Update for Administrators
Tigase and Python
Configuration Wizards
Offline Messages
Offline Message Limits
Storing offline messages without body content
Disabling Offline Messages
Registering for a License
What happens if I do not use a license file or it is expired?
Demo mode
Unauthorized use
Manual mode
Tigase Advanced Options
Enabling Support for storing offline messages without body content
Enabling Empty Nicknames
Account Registration Limits
Enable Silent Ignore on Packets Delivered to Unavailable Resources
Mechanism to count errors within Tigase
Tigase Clustering
Old configuration method
Checking Cluster Connections
Anonymous Users & Authentication
Anonymous Authentication
Anonymous User Features

This section keeps set of documents which apply to all the Tigase server version and contain more generic or introductory information on general use and features.