Watchdog Configuration

To configure watchdog, the following lines need to be present or edited in file:


The three settings are as follows: - --watchdog_timeout=70000 This setting sets the amount of time that watchdog will consider before it determines a connection may be stale. This setting sets the timeout at 70000ms or 70 seconds. - --watchdog_delay=60000 This setting sets how often the watchdog should conduct the check, current setting sets the delay at 60000ms or 60 seconds. - --watchdog_ping_type=whitespace This setting determines the type of ping sent to components when watchdog is testing for activity.

You may, if you choose, to specify individual watchdog settings for specific components by adding them to the component settings, for example if we wanted to change the Client2Server settings to include watchdog, use the following lines in


If any settings are not set, the global or settings will be used. watchdog_delay default is set to 10 min watchdog_ping_type default is set to xmpp