Filtering of offline storage

It is possible to set storage of other types to save:


The above setting in the file will do three things: - Messages with <store-offline> subelement will be stored without checking for associated xmlns. - Messages with <do-not-store> element will not be saved.

Any of these can be adjusted for your installation, remember that a '-' will stop storage of messages with the indicated property. Messages will be checked by these matchers and if any of them result in a positive they will override default settings.

For example, if you wanted to store messages with <received> element, but not ones with <plain> element, your filter will look like this:




THE ABOVE STATEMENT WILL NOT WORK As it will just store all messages with <receieved> subelement.

The below statement will properly filter your results.


Filtering logic is done in order from left to right. Matches on the first statement will ignore or override matches listed afterwards.