Installing/Loading Certificate To the Tigase Server

Installing and loading certificates is very easy. The server can load all certificates directly from pem files. You just need to create a separate pem file for each of your virtual domains and put the file in a directory accessible by the server. Tigase server can automatically load all pem files found in given directory. By default, and to make things easy, we recommend the Tigase/certs directory.

It’s also possible to use: * Admin ad-hoc command via XMPP client - you should navigate to Service Discovery of your server and in the list of commands for VHost Manager component select Add SSL Certificate and then follow instructions * Admin WebUI - open http://<host>/admin, navigate to Other category and in it select Add SSL Certificate and then follow instructions * REST API - make a POST request to http://localhost:8080/rest/adhoc/ with payload containing your certificate; to get the required form fields make GET request to the same endpoint