Following assumptions are in place:

  • All schema files are loadable multiple times - this is by far most important assumptions and it’s allow to get away without explicit and detailed checking of loaded version (it’s already handled on the schema level as of version 8.0.0)
  • Required schema version is calculated from the component version (which is set in the project configuration file - usually pom.xml, but it’s possible to override it in code via annotations - please see Developer Guild in Server documentation for details)
  • we will maintain "3 versions schema files", i.e. in the distribution package we will provide schema versions for the current_version and two major versions behind (and all maintenance version schema files) - this will allow quick upgrade even from rather older versions
  • SNAPSHOT versions will print a log entry indicating that there may have been changes in schema and it’s recommended to run the upgrade (we are aiming at frequent releases thus mandatory schema version check will be done only with final version)