Automatic archiving of MUC messages

If this feature is enabled MUC messages are stored in Message Archiving repository and are added in same way as for any other messages and jid of MUC room is used as jid of message sender, so if MUC message sent from was stored then to retrieve this messages needs to be passed as with attribute to message retrieve request. Retrieved MUC messages will be retrieved in same format as normal message with one exception - each message will contain name attribute with name of occupant in room which sent this message.

This feature is by default disabled but it is possible to enable it for particular user. Additionally it is possible to change default setting on installation level and on hosted domain level to enable this feature, disable feature or allow user to decide if user want this feature to be enabled. For more information about configuration of this feature look at the section called “Configuration of automatic archiving of MUC messages”


  • It is worth to mention that even if more than on user resource joined same room and each resource will receive same messages then only single message will be stored in Message Archving repository.
  • It is also important to note that MUC messages are archived to user message archive only when user is joined to MUC room (so if message was sent to room but it was not sent to particular user)