This is the default window, and your main interface for chatting inside XMPP with this server. NOTE: you can only communicate to users logged onto the current server, or connected clusters Users from your roster will be on the left panel, the right all active discussions and MUCs, as well as the currently selected chat will be available.

WebUI Chat

Users that are logged in and on your roster will be displayed on the left side. Double-clicking will bring up a new chat window with the user. You can Right-click on them to bring up a sub menu with the following;

WebUI Usersubmenu

  • Chat replicates a double-click and opens a new window for chat.
  • Modify brings up a dialogue that allows you to change the JID of the contact, a nickname, and group.
  • Delete removes the user from your roster. This will also remove subscription authorization for the selected user to receive presence information effectively removing you from their roster. NOTE: this will not block user packets from your JID
  • Info brings up the User Info (this is the disco#info command for the selected user)

The top right section has a few icons with specific functionality, they are;

WebUI Chat Add New adds a new user to your roster.

WebUI Chat NewMUC creates a new Multi-user chatroom.

WebUI Chat Profile allows you to edit your user information such as picture and nickname.

WebUI Chat CloseWindow closes the active chat window.

WebUI Chat settings provides a place to change your password or publish changes to your user info. NOTE: you are limited to changing the General fields