Component Changes

  • #7301 Tigase AMP component now uses multiple processing threads.
  • #5033 PubSub now compatible with using emojis in pubsub items.
  • #5693 Fixed parsing configuration of SessionManager processors.
  • #5766 PubSub now writes to all databases with UTC timestamp.
  • #5953 Fixed presences not being removed from presenceByService collection if client disconnects without <unavailable/> presence being sent.
  • #6176 version changed to PubSub v4.0.0.
  • #7707 Fixed potential NPE in PubSub.
  • #4873 Support added to display timestamp fields as data, time, and timezone fields.
  • #4876 Implemented using XML repository for new setups, and updated default config to use this.
  • #4888 http-api now is enabled by default.
  • #5209 Updated visual styling of pages hosted by component.
  • #5290 Fixed invalid property name.
  • #5316 Account Registration now can now require and send confirmation E-mails.
  • #5415 Web Setup now checks configuration for message archive conflicts.
  • #5460 MongoDB now supported through web-setup.
  • #5717 Fixed default values of check-boxes in admin UI not being shown.
  • #5950 Supported added for XEP-0363: HTTP File Upload.
  • #6159 Fixed NPE thrown if scripts directory is not present.
  • #6176 version changed to tigase-http-api v2.0.0.
  • #6212 Added mechanism for password changing through HTTP API.
  • #7307 Fixed scripts returning 404 while handling rest/user/ requests even though user exists.
  • #7178 Ad-hoc commands are now categorized in groups for better organization.
  • #7568 Added timeout reading for HTTP request headers, added configurable accept-timeout.
  • #4867 fixed issue when changing MA jid.
  • #4888 message-archive is enabled by default.
  • #5033 Update message archive to be compatible with emojis.
  • #5391 Added missing query statement block starts and ends to be compatible with SQL Server.
  • #5604 Modified access to static fields and functions.
  • #5681 Fixed duplication of groupchat messages with different ids by modifying hash algorithm.
  • #6176 version changed to message-archive v2.0.0.
  • #7615 feature-not-implemented response no longer occurs when removing stored messages.
  • #4888 muc now is enabled by default.
  • #5033 MUC component is now compatible with emojis.
  • #5066 Fixed issues working with MongoDB repository.
  • #5085 Removed invalid annotation parameter values.
  • #5559 Fixed NPE while changing default room configuration.
  • #5666 User may add more than one <item/> elements to query when querying room members.
  • #5715 Welcome messages may now be disabled globally, or in individual room configurations.
  • #5736 Rooms with no subject now return empty <subject/> element, as per XEP-0048 7.2.16.
  • #5813 Fixed NPE during room creation.
  • #6176 version changed to tigase-muc v3.0.0.
  • #6395 Fixed tigase.db.UserNotFoundException during retrieval of MUC user.
  • #6734 Introduced muc#roomconfig_maxresources to allow configuration of max number of resources for a single occupant.
  • #7443 Disabled XEP-0091 by default, added history attribute validation.
socks5 Proxy
  • #2750 Cleanup of code and removal of empty javadocs.
  • #5867 Fixed NPE during configuration dump when component is disabled.
  • #6176 version changed to tigase-socks5 v2.0.0.
  • #5206 Fixed exception causing duplicate error entry.
  • #5728 Fixed MySQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException in upload handler.
  • #6161 Removed usage of classes from package for JDKv9 compatibility.
STUN Server
  • #6176 version changed to tigase-stun v2.0.0.
  • #6481 Websocket component has been improved to be more compliant with rfc6455