Configuring hostnames

To fully utilize SeeOtherHostDualIP setup in automated fashion it’s now possible to provide both primary (internal) and secondary (external) hostname/IP (they need to be correct, InetAddress.getByName( property ); will be used to verify correctness). It can be done via JVM properties tigase-primary-address and tigase-secondary-address. You can also utilize different implementation of DNS resolver by providing class implementing tigase.util.DNSResolverIfc interface as value to resolver-class property. Those properties can be set via etc/tigase.conf (uncommenting following lines, or manually exposing in environment):

DNS_RESOLVER=" -Dresolver-class=tigase.util.DNSResolverDefault "

INTERNAL_IP=" -Dtigase-primary-address=hostname.local "
EXTERNAL_IP=" -Dtigase-secondary-address=hostname "

or in the etc/config.tdsl (they will be converted to JVM properties):

'dns-resolver' {
    'tigase-resolver-class' = 'tigase.util.DNSResolverDefault'
    'tigase-primary-address' = 'hostname.local'
    'tigase-secondary-address' = 'hostname'