Enabling password reset mechanism

It is possible to provide users with a mechanism for a password change in case if they forgot their password to the XMPP account. To do that you need to have tigase-extras.jar in your classpath (it is part of -dist-max distribution package), enable mailer and account-email-password-resetter.

Example configuration. 

account-email-password-resetter () {}
mailer (class: tigase.extras.mailer.Mailer) {
    'mailer-from-address' = 'email-address@to-send-emails-from'
    'mailer-smtp-host' = 'smtp.email.server.com'
    'mailer-smtp-password' = 'password-for-email-account'
    'mailer-smtp-port' = '587' # Email server SMTP port
    'mailer-smtp-username' = 'username-for-email-account'


You need to replace example configuration parameters with correct ones.

With this configuration in place and after restart of Tigase XMPP Server at url http://localhost:8080/rest/user/resetPassword will be available web form which may be used for password reset.


This mechanism will only work if user provided real email address during account registration and if user still remembers and has access to email address used during registration.