How it Works

Events in Eventbus are identified by two elements: name of event and its namespace:

<EventName xmlns="tigase:demo">

Where event name is EventName and namespace is tigase:demo.

Listeners may subscribe for a specific event or for all events with specific a namespace. Because in pubsub, only one node name exists, so we have to add a way to convert the event name and namespace to a node name:

nodename = eventname + "|" + namespace

So for example, to subscribe to <EventName xmlns="tigase:demo">, node must be: EventName|tigase:demo. If you wish to subscribe to all events with a specific namespace, use an asterisk (*) instead of the event name: *|tigase:demo.


If client is subscribed to *|tigase:demo node, then events will not be sent from node *|tigase:demo, but from the real node (in this case: EventName|tigase:demo).