The tigase.log files are where the majority of logging will take place. The rules for writing to these longs can be manipulated by editing files in the int.properties file. To see how, see the Debugging Tigase section of this manual for more details about how to turn on debug logging, and how to manipulate log settings. Entries to these logs are made in the following format:

2015-08-10 13:09:41.504 [main]      Sctipr.init()         INFO: Initilized script command, id: comp-manager, lang:Groovy, ext: groovy

The format of these logs is below: <timestamp> <thread_name> <class>.<method> <log_level>: <message> <thread_name>. This can vary - for components it would be <direction>_<int>_<component name>, for plugins it will just be the plugin name.

Let’s look at another example from the log file.

2015-08-10 12:31:40.893 [in_14_muc] InMemoryMucRepository.createNewRoom()   FINE: Creating new room 'chatroom@muc.localhost.com'

The process ID may sometimes come in a different format such as [in_14-muc] which specifies the component (muc) along with the process thread identifier (14). As you can see, the format otherwise is nearly identical.

tigase.log.# files are rotated - this means that server begins writing to tigase.log.0 when it is first run, and continues to dump information until the log size limit is hit. At this point, Tigase renames tigase.log.0 as tigase.log.1. A new tigase.log.0 will be created, and Tigase will begin logging to this file. When this file is full, tigase.log.1 will be renamed tigase.log.2 and tigase.log.0 will be renamed tigase.log.1. Using this scheme, tigase.log.0 will always be your most recent log.

By default, Tigase has a limit of 10000000 bytes or 10MB with a file rotation of 10 files. You can edit these values by editing the config.tdsl file and adding the following lines.

logging {
    java.util.logging.FileHandler {
        count = '15'
        limit = '20000000'

This code, if entered into the config.tdsl file increases the size of the files to 15, and enlarges the maximum size to 20MB. Note the larger the collective log space is, the larger number of sectors on hard disk are active. Large log blocks may impact system performance.

You may see a tigase.log.0.lck file in the directory while the server is running. This is a temporary file only and is deleted once Tigase is cleanly shut down.