Operation & Variables


Operating the schema utility is quite easy! To use it run this command from the installation directory:

./scripts/tigase.sh [task] [params_file.conf] [options]

Operations are now converted to tasks, of which there are now three: install-schema, upgrade-schema, and destroy-schema.

  • upgrade-schema: Upgrade the schema of the database specified in your config.tdsl configuration file. (options are ignored for this option)
  • install-schema: Install a schema to database.
  • destroy-schema: Destroy database and schemas. DANGEROUS

Use the following options to customize. Options in bold are required, {potential options are in brackets}:

  • --help Prints the help for the task.
  • -I or --interactive - enables interactive mode which will prompt for parameters not defined.
  • -T or --dbType - database type {derby, mongodb, mysql, postgresql, sqlserver}.
  • -C or --components - Allows the specification of components for use when installing a schema.