Registering for a License

There are currently two ways for registering for a license with Tigase commercial products. The easiest and recommended method is using the built in automatic registration function. However, you may also register via a web portal if your installation has limitations on network connectivity.

<AutomaticLicenceRegistration> <title>Automatic Registration (recommended)</title>

Once a commercial component is activated on Tigase XMPP Server, the program will then retrieve an Installation ID from our servers, and make a file called installation-id in your etc/ directory including the Installation ID for your instance. An installation ID is generated using the complete cluster map and all machines within the same cluster should have the same Installation ID. This Installation ID will then be sent along with server details to a license server, and appropriate license files will be made in your tigasedir/etc directory. When the license is due to be expired, this mechanism will update your license file automatically.