Setting APNs credentials

APNs binary API provider will not work properly without certificate file required for authorization by APNs and password to decrypt this certificate file. You need to get certificate using Apple Developer Account.

When you have this certificate, you need to pass path to certificate file as cert-file property, password as cert-password and APNS topic (bundle id) as apns-topic.

Example for /etc/apns-cert.p12, Pa$$word and 

push () {
    'apns-binary-api' () {
        'cert-file' = '/etc/apns-cert.p12'
        'cert-password' = 'Pa$$w0rd'
        'apns-topic' = ''

Alternatively, certificate can be stored in the database and in that case the TDSL configuration file should only contain 'apns-topic' entry and the certificate and the password should be updated via ad-hoc command (Service discovery → Push component → Set APNS certificate). In the ad-hoc you should select the APNS provider from the list and include base64 encoded certificate obtained from Apple (.p12 file), for example:

base64 -w 0 PushCertificate.p12