Step Through the Installation Process

You will be greeted by the following "About software" page.

web install 01

Read it and then click "Next"

The setup consists of several steps that help you configure your installation: selecting features and providing database configuration.


Order and design of the steps may slightly differ thus we only provide a broad overview of how to proceed:

  1. Advanced Clustering Strategy information

    You will see some information about our commercial products and licensing. Please read though the agreement, and as a confirmation of agreement type in your name or company and click "Next" to go to the next page.

  2. Basic Tigase server configuration

    This page will look over your basic configuration settings, those include the server type, domain you wish to use, and gives you a chance to specify an administrator for the domain. Also, you will be selecting what type of database Tigase server will be using (configuration comes later).

    If you do not specify an administrator and password, one is made for you, which will be admin@yourdomain and password is tigase.

  3. Connectivity

    At this page you will be presented with a list of possible connectivity options supported by Tigase XMPP Server and a way to enable/disable each of them (desktop, mobile, http, websocket, federation, etc.). After making this decisions, click "Next".

  4. Features

    Now you will be able to select which features of Tigase XMPP Server (such as MUC, PubSub, MIX, MAM, Push Notifications) should be enabled or disabled.

    At this step will also be able to enable clustering on your installation

    When you will be ready, click "Next".

  5. Database configuration

    This is where the database is configured. The type of database selected in step 3 will influence available options. BE SURE TO SPECIFY DATABASE ROOT USER ACCOUNT AND PASSWORD

  6. Database connectivity check

    After database setup, you should see a page with executed actions and their results. All presented items should be "green", meaning that everything went well. If anything is presented in "red" or "yellow", please read description presented below this header to learn more about this issue. If setup is completed, click "Next".

  7. Setup security

    The Setup Access Page will be locked from the admin/tigase user as specified above. This is your chance to have the setup pages add a specific user in addition to admin accounts to re-access this setup process later. If left blank, only JIDs listed in admin will be allowed to access.

  8. Saving configuration

    The installation is almost complete and you will be presented with a page showing what the resulting configuration (stored in config.tdsl file) will look like.

    If you have a custom setup, or would like to put your own settings in, you may copy and past the contents here to edit the current config.tdsl file.

    Click "Save" to write the file to disk.

  9. Finished

    You have now finished the installation, proceed to the next step to restart the server.