Tigase Schema Change for v7.1

Tigase has made changes to its database to include primary keys in the tig_pairs table to improve performance of the Tigase server. This is an auto-incremented column for Primary Key items appended to the previous schema.


You MUST update your database to be compliant with the new schema. If you do not, Tigase will not function properly.


This change will affect all users of Tigase using v7.1.0 and newer.

If you are installing a new version of v8.0.0 on a new database, the schema should automatically be installed.

First, shut down any running instances of Tigase to prevent conflicts with database editing. Then from command line use the DBSchemaLoader class to run the -schema-upgrade-to-7.1.sql file to the database. The command is as follows:

In a linux environment

java -cp "jars/*" tigase.db.util.DBSchemaLoader -dbHostname ${HOSTNAME} -dbType ${DB_TYPE} -rootUser ${ROOT_USER} -dbPass ${DB_USER_PASS} -dbName ${DB_NAME} -schemaVersion ${DB_VERSION} -rootPass ${ROOT_USER_PASS} -dbUser ${DB_USER}  -adminJID "${ADMIN_JID}" -adminJIDpass ${ADMIN_JID_PASS}  -logLevel ALL -file database/${DB_TYPE}-schema-upgrade-to-7-1.sql

In a windows environment

java -cp jars/* tigase.db.util.DBSchemaLoader -dbHostname ${HOSTNAME} -dbType ${DB_TYPE} -rootUser ${ROOT_USER} -dbPass ${DB_USER_PASS} -dbName ${DB_NAME} -schemaVersion ${DB_VERSION} -rootPass ${ROOT_USER_PASS} -dbUser ${DB_USER}  -adminJID "${ADMIN_JID}" -adminJIDpass ${ADMIN_JID_PASS}  -logLevel ALL -file database/${DB_TYPE}-schema-upgrade-to-7-1.sql

All variables will be required, they are as follows:

  • ${HOSTNAME} - Hostname of the database you wish to upgrade.
  • ${DB_TYPE} - Type of database [derby, mysql, postgresql, sqlserver].
  • ${ROOT_USER} - Username of root user.
  • ${ROOT_USER_PASS} - Password of specified root user.
  • ${DB_USER} - Login of user that can edit database.
  • ${DB_USER_PASS} - Password of the specified user.
  • ${DB_NAME} - Name of the database to be edited.
  • ${DB_VERSION} - In this case, we want this to be 7.1.
  • ${ADMIN_JID} - Bare JID of a database user with admin privileges. Must be contained within quotation marks.
  • ${ADMIN_JID_PASS} - Password of associated admin JID.

Please note that the SQL file for the update will have an associated database with the filename. i.e. postgresql-update-to-7.1.sql for postgresql database.

A finalized command will look something like this:

java -cp "jars/*" tigase.db.util.DBSchemaLoader -dbHostname localhost -dbType mysql -rootUser root -rootPass root -dbUser admin -dbPass admin -schemaVersion 7.1 -dbName Tigasedb -adminJID "admin@local.com" -adminJIDPass adminpass -logLevel ALL -file database/mysql-schema-upgrade-to-7.1.sql

Once this has successfully executed, you may restart you server. Watch logs for any db errors that may indicate an incomplete schema upgrade.