Upgrade Database schema

Upgrading database schemas is now possible using the upgrade-schema option. Do this now.

./scripts/tigase.sh upgrade-schema etc/tigase.conf


Your database schema MUST be v8 or conversion will not occur properly!

You will be asked the following prompts:

Database root account username used to create tigase user and database at :

Database root account password used to create tigase user and database at :

Upon success, you should see the following:

        Schema upgrade finished

  Data source: default with uri
        Checking connection to database ok
        Checking if database exists     ok
        Loading schema: Tigase XMPP Server (Core), version: 8.0.0       ok
        Loading schema: Tigase Message Archiving Component, version: 1.3.0      ok
        Loading schema: Tigase MUC Component, version: 2.5.0    ok
        Loading schema: Tigase PubSub Component, version: 3.3.0 ok
        Adding XMPP admin accounts      warning
                Message: Error: No admin users entered
        Post installation action        ok


Start Tigase!