Upgrade/Restore with a script [experimental!]

To make upgrade process easier it’s possible to utilize tigase-upgrade.sh *nix shell script. It permits upgrading to new version (supports downloading version from provided URL).

It’s usage is as follows:

./tigase-upgrade.sh {upgrade|rollback} install_package install_directory [tar|dir]

Where: * {upgrade|rollback} - defines whether to perform upgrade or rollback to previous version * install_package - package to which perform upgrade (can be URL) in case of upgrade or backed-up installation (from which we want to restore) in case of rollback * install_directory - destination directory (both in upgrade and rollback); can be symlink in which case it will be preserved with upgraded/restored path as target * [tar|dir] - (optional) type of backup (either simply copy directory or also archive it using tar command); by default dir is used.

To upgrade installation to version tigase-server-8.0.0-SNAPSHOT-b5285-dist-max.tar.gz execute the script as follows:

$ ./tigase-upgrade.sh upgrade tigase-server-8.0.0-SNAPSHOT-b5285-dist-max.tar.gz tigase-server

To rollback from tigase-server-8.0.0-SNAPSHOT-b5264_backup-18-11-05_1712 backup execute script as follows:

bash -x ./tigase-upgrade.sh rollback tigase-server-8.0.0-SNAPSHOT-b5264_backup-18-11-05_1712/ tigase-server