Upgrading from v7.1.x

When upgrading from previous versions of Tigase, it is recommended that you first backup the database. Refer to the documentation of your database software to find out how to export a copy. Once the backup is made, it will be time to run the schema upgrade. Be sure that your schema is up to date, and should be v7.1.0 Schema.

To upgrade, use the new upgrade-schema task of SchemaManager:

  • In linux

    ./scripts/tigase.sh install-schema etc/tigase.conf
  • In Windows

    java -cp "jars/*" tigase.db.util.SchemaManager "install-schema"

You will need to configure the following switches:

  • -T Specifies Database Type Possible values are: mysql, derby, sqlserver, postgresql, mongodb
  • -D Specifies Databse Name The explicit name of the database you wish to upgrade.
  • -H Specifies Host address By default, this is localhost, but may be set to IP address or FQDNS address.
  • -U Specifies Username This is the username that is authorized to make changes to the database defined in -D.
  • -P Specifies Password The password for username specified in -U.
  • -R Password for Administrator or Root DB account.
  • -A Password for Administrator or Root DB account.
  • -J Jid of user authorized as admin user from Tigase.
  • -N Password for user specified in -J.
  • -F Points to the file that will perform the upgrade. Will follow this form database/{dbname}-server-schema-8.0.0.sql