Using ad-hoc commands

For everybody interested in using our service to host their own XMPP domain we have good news! You do not have to ask an administrator to add your domain or add users for your domain anymore. You can do it on your own.

Please note, this is very new stuff. Something may go wrong or may not be polished. Please report any problems, notices or suggestions.

This is the guide to walk you through the new functions and describes how to add a new domain and new users within your domain.

You can do everything from your XMPP client or you can use our web application that allows you to connect to the service and execute admin commands. I recommend Psi because of its excellent support for parts of the XMPP protocol which are used for domains and user management. You may use other clients as well, but we can only offer support and help if you use Psi client.

Secondly, you need an account on the server. This is because all the commands and features described here are available to local users only. Therefore, if you do not have a registered domain with us yet, please go ahead and register an account on the website either the Jabber.Me or Tigase.IM.