Default value: etc/cross-domain-policy.xml

Example: 'cross-domain-policy-file' = ''/path/to/cross-domain-policy.xml'

Possible values: path to a file on the file system.

Description: This property allows you to set a path to a file with cross domain access policy for flash based clients. This is a standard XML file which is sent to the flash client upon request.

A default file distributed with Tigase installations allows for full access for all. This is good enough for most use cases but it can be changed by simply editing the file.

This is a global property that can also be overridden by configuring connection managers [ c2s, s2s, ws2s, bosh, ext, etc] and they may all have their own policies.

c2s {
    'cross-domain-policy-file' = '/path/to/cross-domain-policy.xml'

Available since: 5.1.0