Default VHost configuration

It’s possible to specify initial default configuration for all Virtual Host in TDSL configuration file (i.e. etc/config.tdsl) for selected parameters. To do so you should specify each configuration option within defaults bean belonging to vhost-man bean:

'vhost-man' () {
    'defaults' () {
        'domain-filter-policy' = null
        's2s-secret' = null
        trusted = null
        'vhost-disable-dns-check' = false
        'vhost-max-users' = 0L
        'vhost-message-forward-jid' = null
        'vhost-presence-forward-jid' = null
        'vhost-register-enabled' = true
        'vhost-tls-required' = false

After initial definition of default configuration or after first startup of Tigase XMPP Server it is possible to configure Virtual Host defaults using ad-hoc commands by modifying values for default using ad-hoc as described in Specification for ad-hoc Commands Used to Manage Virtual Domains.

Alternatively, you may edit default Virtual Host configuration (configuration for domain default) using Admin UI which by default is available at http://localhost:8080/admin/.