Module specific configuration

Tigase will try to start a standalone Jetty HTTP server at port 8080 and start up the default modules, including RestModule which will add context for REST API in the /rest path. RestModule will also load all groovy scripts located in scripts/rest/* directories and will bind them to proper actions for the /rest/* paths.

NOTE: Scripts that handle HTTP requests are available in the component repository in src/scriopts/groovy/tigase/rest/ directory.

Tigase’s REST Component comes with two modules that can be enabled, disabled, and configured separately. Common settings for modules for component properties are used in the following format: component_name (module: value) {} the following settings are available for both listed modules:

  • active - Boolean values true/false to enable or disable the module.
  • context-path - Path of HTTP context under which the module should be available.
  • vhosts - Comma separated list of virtual hosts for which the module should be available. If not configured, the module will be available for all vhosts.