Purging Information from Message Archive

This feature allows for automatic removal of entries older than a configured number of days from the Message Archive. It is designed to clean up database and keep its size within reasonable boundaries. If it is set to 1 day and entry is older than 24 hours then it will be removed, i.e. entry from yesterday from 10:11 will be removed after 10:11 after next execution of purge.

There are 3 settings available for this feature: To enable the feature:

'message-archive' {
    'remove-expired-messages' = true

This setting changes the initial delay after the server is started to begin removing old entries. In other words, MA purging will not take place until the specified time after the server starts. Default setting is PT1H, or one hour.

    'remove-expired-messages-delay' = 'PT2H'

This setting sets how long MA purging will wait between passes to check for and remove old entries. Default setting is P1D which is once a day.

    'remove-expired-messages-period' = 'PT2D'

You may use all settings at once if you wish.

NOTE that these commands are also compatible with unified-archive component, just replace message with unified.