Mailer Extension

Tigase Server Monitor Mailer Extension (TSMME) can send messages from the monitor component to a specified E-mail address so system administrators who are not logged into the XMPP server.

For v7.1.0 versions and later, TSMME is already included in your distribution package and no extra installation is needed.


Tigase Mailer Extension may be configured via the config.tdsl file in the following manner:

monitor {
    'mailer-from-address' = 'sender@<VHost>'
    'mailer-smtp-host' = ''
    'mailer-smtp-password' = '********'
    'mailer-smtp-port' = '587'
    'mailer-smtp-username' = 'sender'
    'mailer-to-addresses' = 'receiver@<VHost>,admin@<VHost>'

Here is an explanation of those variables.

  • mailer-smtp-host - SMTP Server hostname.
  • mailer-smtp-port - SMTP Server port.
  • mailer-smtp-usernam - name of sender account.
  • mailer-smtp-password - password of sender account.
  • mailer-from-address - sender email address. It will be set in field from in email.
  • mailer-to-addresses - comma separated notification receivers email addresses.

It is recommended to create a specific e-mail address in your mail server for this purpose only, as the account settings are stored in plaintext without encryption.