Description: Container specifying component configuration. All components if they require configuration must be called in the conf.tdsl file in the following manner:

componentName (class: value) {

DSL allows for custom naming of the component, and specifying of the class in the same line. This method replaces the old comp-class and comp-name style of configuration.

For example, what used to be

--comp-name-1 = socks5
--comp-class-1 = tigase.socks5.Socks5Component
--comp-name-2 = stun
--comp-class-2 = tigase.stun.StunComponent

is now

socks5 (class: tigase.socks5.Socks5Component) {}
stun (class: tigase.stun.StunComponent) {}

In fact, if you are using the default class & name for a component, you don’t need to specify it either, so MUC in this is now called by

socks5 () {}

Default value: By default, component configuration runs of default, and does not need to be specified.

There are many many configuration options under each component, which are specified in component documentation.