Default value: none


'vhost-man' {
    defaults {
        's2s-secret' = 'some-s2s-secret'

Possible values: 'ascii string.'

Description: This property is a global setting for s2s secrets to generate dialback keys on the Tigase installation. By default it is null, which means the secret is automatically generated for each s2s connection and handshake.

This is a global property which is overridden by settings for each VHost (see the section called “Add and Manage Domains (VHosts)”)

As in the example provided, 'defaults' settings for all virtual hosts for which the configuration is not defined. This settings is useful mostly for installations with many virtual hosts listed in the init.property file for which there is no individual settings specified. It allows to configure a default values for all of them, instead of having to provide individual configuration for each vhost.

Available since: 5.2.0