Tigase Server Network Instructions

One you have installed Tigase XMPP Server on a machine, you’re going to want to use it. If you are just using for local communications on a network behind a router, you’re all set. Enjoy and use!

However, if you want to have people from other computers outside your network connect to your server, you’re going to have to go through a few more steps to show your server out to the public.


This guide is merely a recommendation of how to get a local server to be open to incoming communications. Any time you open ports, or take other security measures you risk compromising your network security. These are only recommendations, and may not be appropriate for all installations. Please consult your IT Security expert for securing your own installation.

XMPP, being a decentralized communication method, relies on proper DNS records to figure out where and how an XMPP server is setup. Operating an XMPP Server will require you to properly setup DNS routing so not only can clients connect to you, but if you decide to run a federated server and enable server to server communication, you will need to do the same. If you already have a DNS server already, you should have little issue adding these records. If you do not have a DNS setup pointing to your server, you may use a free dynamic name service such as dynu.com.