Configuration of statistics loggers

It is possible to enable and configure automatic storage of statistics information. To do that you need to configure any of following statistics loggers as a StatisticsCollector component sub-beans:

every execution put current basic server metrics (CPU usage, memory usage, number of user connections, uptime) into database (overwrites previous entry).
every execution insert new row with new set of number of server statistics (CPU usage, memory usage, number of user connections per connector, number of processed packets of different types, uptime, etc) into the database.
every execution store all server statistics into separate file.

As an example to configure tigase.stats.CounterDataFileLogger to archive statistics data with level FINE every 60 seconds to file prefixed with stat and located in logs/server_statistics following entry is needed:

stats() {
    'stats-file-logger' (class: tigase.stats.CounterDataFileLogger) {
        'stats-directory' = 'logs/server_statistics'
        'stats-filename' = 'stat'
        'stats-unixtime' = false
        'stats-datetime' = true
        'stats-datetime-format' = 'HH:mm:ss'
        'stats-level' = 'FINEST'