Tigase Clustering

Tigase Clustering allows the use of a number of servers to be unified in delivering, from what a client or user sees, a single unified platform. There are two typical reasons why clustering should be employed:

  • High Availability

    By using clustering, services can be provided with a high reliability and redundancy. By using a network of multiple servers, content or services can be served on any of the clustered servers maintaining a consistent uptime without relying on one machine.
  • Load Balancing

    This type of cluster helps to distribute a workload over a number of servers to reduce bottlenecking from heavy resource loads on a particular server.

With Tigase, you don’t have to choose between either/or!

Tigase Clustering offers Full Redundancy and Automatic Load Balancing allowing addition of new nodes at runtime with a simple configuration. All without a severe tax on resource consumption.

All basic components support clustering configuration, and some may be turned on or off.