Tigase Web Client

Tigase now has a fully featured XMPP client built right into the HTTP interface. Everything you would expect from an XMPP client can now be done from the comfort of your browser window with no software install required!

The web client is active and available by default on servers v7.2.0 and later.

To access the client, point a browser to the following address: xmpp.your-server.net:8080/ui/

It will ask you for a login, any bare JID of users registered with the server will work. NOTE: Use your bare JID for login

Once you have logged in successfully, you will be presented with the following screen.

WebUI Home

The commands are broken into categories shown here. All changes made in these sections are instant and should be seen the same as if you were using an external XMPP client like Psi.

NOTE The BOSH client will automatically translate all requests to the server name. In some rare cases this may not be resolvable by the browser and you will be unable to login. Should that happen, you may disable that feature using the following line in your config.tdsl:

bosh {
    'send-node-hostname' = false

You may have to specifically designate the bosh URL when using the advanced tag in the login screen.