Map Creation

Map must be created with the following command:

java.util.Map<String, String> map = ClusterMapFactory.get().createMap("type",String.class,String.class,"1","2","3" )

Where "type" is the map ID. This creates the map locally and then fires an event to all clustered servers. Each cluster server has an event handler waiting for, in this case, NewMapCreate event. Map Key class and Map Value class are used to type conversion. Arrays of strings are parameters, for example ID of user session. Once received, the distributed eventbus will create a local map.

eventBus.addHandler(MapCreatedEvent.class, new EventHandler<MapCreatedEvent>() {
    public void onEvent(MapCreatedEvent e) {

A brief example of a map creation is shown here:

java.util.Map<String, String> map = ClusterMapFactory.get().createMap("Very_Important_Map_In_User_Session",JID.class,Boolean.class,"user-session-identifier-123");

This will fire event MapCreatedEvent on all other cluster nodes. Strings "Very_Important_Map_In_User_Session" and "user-session-identifier-123" are given as parameters in onMapCreated()` method. The event consumer code must know what to do with map with type "Very_Important_Map_In_User_Session". It may retrieve user session "user-session-identifier-123" and put this map in this session. It should be used to tell other nodes how to treat the event with a newly created map, and it should be stored in user session.