Package tigase.db

Interface Repository

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      static interface  Repository.Meta
      Meta created to add possibility to retrieve information about implementation of repository (ie.
      static interface  Repository.SchemaId
      Annotation provides information about schema (ie.
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      • initRepository

        default void initRepository​(java.lang.String resource_uri,
                                    java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.lang.String> params)
                             throws DBInitException
        Method is deprecated and should not be user any more.
        The method is called to initialize the data repository. Depending on the implementation all the initialization parameters can be passed either via resource_uri parameter as the database connection string or via params map if the required repository parameters are more complex or both.
        resource_uri - value in most cases representing the database connection string.
        params - is a Map with repository properties necessary to initialize and perform all the functions. The initialization parameters are implementation dependent.
        DBInitException - if there was an error during repository initialization. Some implementations, though, perform so called lazy initialization so even though there is a problem with the underlying repository it may not be signaled through this method call.