Class DBSchemaLoader

  • public class DBSchemaLoader
    extends SchemaLoader<DBSchemaLoader.Parameters>
    Simple utility class allowing various Database operations, including executing simple queries, loading specific schema files or performing complete load of all Tigase schema required to run the server.
    Following set of Properties is accepted:
    • dbType - type of the database, possible values are: mysql, postgresql, derby, sqlserver;
    • schemaVersion - schema version to be loaded, , possible values are: 7-2, 7-1, 5-1, 5, 4;
    • dbName - name of the database to be created/used;
    • dbHostname - hostname of the database;
    • dbUser - username of the regular user;
    • dbPass - password of the regular user;
    • rootUser - username of the database administrator user;
    • rootPass - password of the database administrator user;
    • query - simple, single query to be executed;
    • file - path to the single schema file to be loaded to the database;
    • adminJID - JID address of the XMPP administrator account;
    • adminJIDpass - password of the XMPP administrator account.