Interface RepositoryVersionAware

    • Method Detail

      • getVersion

        default Version getVersion()
        Returns current required version of the repository implementing this interface (If we are version aware then we have to specify the version)
        current required version of the schema for the
      • updateSchema

        default SchemaLoader.Result updateSchema​(java.util.Optional<Version> oldVersion,
                                                 Version newVersion)
                                          throws java.lang.Exception
        Method used to update schema in the database from the (optional) oldVersion to newVersion. If the process was correct (i.e. return SchemaLoader.Result.ok) then new version will be stored in the database.
        oldVersion - optional version of the schema currently loaded in the database
        newVersion - version to which component schema should be updated
        result of the update process - if the process was correct then SchemaLoader.Result.ok should be returned
        java.lang.Exception - when something unexpected happened