Class SSLContextContainer

    • Constructor Detail

      • SSLContextContainer

        public SSLContextContainer()
        Constructor for bean only
      • SSLContextContainer

        public SSLContextContainer​(CertificateContainerIfc certContainer)
        Constructor used to create root SSLContextContainer instance which should cache only SSLContext instances where array of TrustManagers is not set - common for all ConnectionManagers. This instance is kept by TLSUtil class.
      • SSLContextContainer

        public SSLContextContainer​(CertificateContainerIfc certContainer,
                                   SSLContextContainerIfc parent)
        Constructor used to create instances for every ConnectionManager so that every connection manager can have different TrustManagers and SSLContext instance will still be cached.
    • Method Detail

      • createIoInterface

        public IOInterface createIoInterface​(java.lang.String protocol,
                                             java.lang.String local_hostname,
                                             java.lang.String remote_hostname,
                                             int port,
                                             boolean clientMode,
                                             boolean wantClientAuth,
                                             boolean needClientAuth,
                                             java.nio.ByteOrder byteOrder,
                                   [] x509TrustManagers,
                                             TLSEventHandler eventHandler,
                                             IOInterface socketIO,
                                             CertificateContainerIfc certificateContainer)
        Specified by:
        createIoInterface in interface SSLContextContainerIfc
      • setEnabledCiphers

        public void setEnabledCiphers​(java.lang.String[] enabledCiphers)
      • setEnabledProtocols

        public void setEnabledProtocols​(java.lang.String[] enabledProtocols)
      • setEphemeralDHKeySize

        public void setEphemeralDHKeySize​(int ephemeralDHKeySize)
      • getSSLContext

        public getSSLContext​(java.lang.String protocol,
                                                      java.lang.String hostname,
                                                      boolean clientMode,
                                            [] tms)
        Description copied from interface: SSLContextContainerIfc
        Method getSSLContext creates and returns new SSLContext for a given domain (hostname). For creation of the SSLContext a certificate associated with this domain (hostname) should be used. If there is no specific certificate for a given domain then default certificate should be used.
        Specified by:
        getSSLContext in interface SSLContextContainerIfc
        protocol - a String is either 'SSL' or 'TLS' value.
        hostname - a String value keeps a hostname or domain for SSLContext.
        clientMode - if set SSLContext will be created for client mode (ie. creation of server certificate will be skipped if there is no certificate)
        tms - array of TrustManagers which should be used to validate remote certificate
        a SSLContext value
      • setTlsJdkNssBugWorkaround

        public void setTlsJdkNssBugWorkaround​(boolean value)
      • initialize

        public void initialize()
        Description copied from interface: Initializable
        Method will be called, when bean will be created, configured and ready to use.
        Specified by:
        initialize in interface Initializable
      • start

        public void start()
        Specified by:
        start in interface Lifecycle
      • stop

        public void stop()
        Specified by:
        stop in interface Lifecycle