Class TestSpamModule

    • Field Detail

      • badWords

        @ConfigField(desc="Bad words",
        protected java.lang.String[] badWords
        This might be changed in one threads while it is iterated in processPacket(...) in another thread. We expect that changes are very rare and small, most of operations are just iterations.
      • whiteList

        @ConfigField(desc="White listed addresses",
        protected java.lang.String[] whiteList
    • Constructor Detail

      • TestSpamModule

        public TestSpamModule()
    • Method Detail

      • everyMinute

        public void everyMinute()
      • getModuleCriteria

        public Criteria getModuleCriteria()
        Description copied from interface: Module
        Returns critera used by Component to select module to handle incoming stanza.
        criteria of selecting module.
      • getMessagesCounter

        public long getMessagesCounter()
      • getTotalSpamCounter

        public long getTotalSpamCounter()
      • setPacketTypes

        public void setPacketTypes​(java.lang.String[] packetTypes)
      • initBindings

        public void initBindings​(javax.script.Bindings binds)