Package tigase.stats

Class CounterDataLogger

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      protected static java.lang.String defaultHostname  
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      void beanConfigurationChanged​(java.util.Collection<java.lang.String> changedFields)
      Method called when configuration was applied to bean.
      void execute​(StatisticsProvider sp)  
      long getFrequency()  
      void initialize()
      Method will be called, when bean will be created, configured and ready to use.
      void register​(Kernel kernel)
      Method called when bean is being registered allowing developer to programatically register other beans.
      void release()  
      void unregister​(Kernel kernel)
      Method called while bean is being unregistered.
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      • defaultHostname

        protected static java.lang.String defaultHostname
    • Constructor Detail

      • CounterDataLogger

        public CounterDataLogger()