Chapter 6. Quick Start Guide

Table of Contents

Minimum Requirements
Installation Using Web Installer
Download and Extract
Start the Server
Verify Tigase is Running
Connect to the Web Installer
Step Through the Installation Process
Restart the Server
Windows Instructions for using Web Installer
Manual Installation in Console Mode
Get the Binary Package
Unpack the Package
Prepare Configuration
Install Database
Start the Server
Check if it is Working
Windows Installation
Step 1: Initial Setup
Step 2: Starting Server
MySQL Database Installation
Tigase Server Network Instructions
A Records
SRV Records
Hosting VIA
Checking setup
Ports description
Tigase Script Selection
Configuration: For Linux Distributions using systemd
Configuration: For All Linux Distributions
Running Tigase as a system service
Shutting Down Tigase
Shutdown statistics
Shutdown StackTrace Dump
Shutting Down Cluster Nodes
Upgrading to v8.0.0 from v7.1.0
Backup your data
Setup Tigase v8.0.0
Upgrade configuration file
Connect new database
Upgrade Database schema
Upgrade/Restore with a script [experimental!]

Minimum Requirements

Before you begin installing Tigase server onto your system, please make sure the minimum requirements are installed first: - Java Development Kit v8 or later - We recommend Oracle JDK. OpenJDK may work, but some features might cause errors.

  • Administrator access - We recommend that you install Tigase Server from a user login with administrator access.