2. Tigase MUC Release Notes

2.1. Tigase MUC 3.3.0 Release Notes

  • Rework permission checker (ACL) to add graceful fallback to hidden room if possible; add abstrac muc test class and tests based on it; #muc-151

  • Fix memory leak in self-ping-monitor (#muc-150) and improve collections synchronisation in module

  • Fix discovery module (Room items could be returned if available but it’s advised to not return it by default and only return plain result without error)

2.2. Tigase MUC 3.2.0 Release Notes

2.2.1. Major Changes

  • Bring MUC specification support up to date

  • Improve handling of multiple user session using same nickname

  • Fixes and improvements to ad-hoc scripts

2.2.2. All Changes

  • #muc-133: Add component option to let only admins create rooms

  • #muc-134: Better MUC Converter log

  • #muc-136: MUC specification supported by Tigase MUC is out of data

  • #muc-137: Add support for <iq/> forwarding with multiple resources joined

  • #muc-138: tigase@muc.tigase.org kicks my clients if I use them both

  • #muc-139: Create script to (mass) delete MUC rooms

  • #muc-140: There is no empty <subject/> element for persistent room sent after re-joining

  • #muc-141: StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in IqStanzaForwarderModule

  • #muc-142: NullPointerException when processing message with subject

  • #muc-143: Fix MUC scripts: “No such property: mucRepository for class: tigase.admin.Script151”

  • #muc-144: No signature of method: tigase.muc.cluster.RoomClustered.addAffiliationByJid()