6. Room configuration options

In addition to the default Room configuration options defined in the MUC specification Tigase offers following as well:

Tigase MUC Options
  • tigase#presence_delivery_logic - allows configuring logic determining which presence should be used by occupant in the room while using multiple-resource connections under one nickname, following options are available:



  • tigase#presence_filtering - (boolean) when enabled broadcasts presence only to selected affiliation groups

  • tigase#presence_filtered_affiliations - when enabled tigase#presence_filtering is enabled one can select affiliation which should receive presences, following are possible to select from:

    • owner

    • admin

    • member

    • none

    • outcast

  • muc#roomconfig_maxusers - Allows configuring of maximum users of room.

Configuring default room configuration in init.properties

For more informations look into ???

Configuration per-room

Per room configuration is done using IQ stanzas defined in the specification, for example:

<iq type="set" to="[email protected]" id="config1">
    <query xmlns="http://jabber.org/protocol/muc#owner">
        <x xmlns="jabber:x:data" type="submit">
            <field type="boolean" var="tigase#presence_filtering">
            <field type="list-multi" var="tigase#presence_filtered_affiliations">