Encrypting connection

With the last option you can set type of the socket connection.

Following options are available: . plain - will create a plain socket (accepting unencrypted or TLS connections) . tls - will create a plain type socket, which enforces performing StartTLS . ssl - will create an SSL socket (only accepting SSL connections)

An example configuration with socket type specified:

--comp-name-1 = ext
--comp-class-1 = tigase.server.ext.ComponentProtocol
--external = muc.devel.tigase.org:mucsecret:listen:5270:devel.tigase.org:accept:ReceiverBareJidLB:plain, \

for the MUC component it will be possible to establish plain socket connection (with possibility to perform StartTLS) and for the PubSub component an encrypted, SSL connection will be required.